Would We Do As Well As Oskar Schindler? In Fact Are We?

By | October 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

You believe you are a moral person? You believe that if you lived in the Nazi era, you would resist their evil plans? Then read this:

The author refers to the award-winning movie “Schindler’s List,” the story of a hard-drinking, womanizing German. He joined the Nazi Party for business reasons, not ideology. Yet he saved about 1200 Jews from the death camps, and therefore many thousands of their descendants.

Somehow Schindler was able to resist the media propaganda that caricatured Jews as vermin which had to be exterminated for the health of the people. Note the use of health as a lever to pry open people’s minds and remove their consciences. Sound familiar?

The author asks a painful question: Would we do as well as Oskar Schindler in rejecting hateful propaganda and racist ideology? From our ready acceptance of extreme lockdowns and mandates, as well as allowing racist Critical Race Theory to be taught in our schools and universities, I have serious doubts.

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