Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

By | October 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Bernie Madoff stole money and will die in prison.
• Man sat in Vice President Pence’s chair on Jan. 6 and will spend 3½ years in prison.
• Man beat girlfriend so severely her unborn child died but gets probation.

In today’s America, stealing a lot of money is very serious, wandering through the Capitol is fairly serious, but beating women and killing the unborn is not serious at all. If that is the nation you want to live in and your children to live in, do nothing. But if that is not your idea of a great nation, or even a reasonably decent nation, you have no choice but to become politically active. Otherwise, protecting women and the unborn will remain at the bottom of our national priority list.

California man who sat in Mike Pence’s chair during Capitol riot sentenced to prison

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