Dershowitz: Censor Some Ideas=Endorse Others

By | May 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus, Harvard Law School, makes an excellent point. If social media censor some posts as disinformation or incorrect, they are tacitly endorsing the posts they allow as correct information. They may not say so directly, but the implication is obvious.

Social media avoid lawsuits and accusations of being monopolies  by denying they are publishers, which are responsible for their content. They claim they are merely platforms, where people post what they like. But if they allow opinion A and censor opinion B, they are in effect endorsing the accuracy of opinion A.

For example, if they censor anything negative about Covid-19 vaccines, but allow anything positive, they are endorsing the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. They are acting as publishers – in fact, as advocates.

As usual, Dershowitz’s logic is air-tight. If social media claim to be unbiased platforms, let them act like it.


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