Scapegoat The Majority? Dangerously Stupid

By | June 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

Hitler used his propaganda machine to convince Germans that the Jews were to blame for all their problems – and then, to remove the source of their problems. Hitler was able to do this for two reasons: 1) Jews made up only 0.75% of the German population. 2) Jews owned few weapons.

On the contrary, non-Hispanic Whites make up about 60% of the US population, and they own hundreds of millions of firearms. Currently the leftist education (indoctrination) system is trying to convince US school and college students that Whites are to blame for all their problems. Whites are oppressors, Whites favor a return to Jim Crow and slavery, etc., etc.

Yes, it is immoral to scapegoat an entire race or ethnic group. But if that group makes up a majority of the nation, and if that group is well armed, scapegoating them is also extremely unwise. In fact, it is dangerously stupid. What do you suppose will happen if that group tires of having their children scapegoated and insulted? No, not if, but when. Because it is sure to happen.

A culture war is bad enough. A physical war is a lot worse. Stop poking the bear with a stick. Do you really want him to wake up?

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