Terrible Insults May Lead To Terrible Actions

By | February 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, had a disagreement with fellow communist Kautsky. Lenin called him “renegade.” Stalin, Lenin’s successor, did him one better. When he had a disagreement with fellow communist Trotsky, he called Trotsky “fascist” – and had him killed with an ice axe.

That’s the danger. Terrible insults can lead to terrible actions. Progressives called Trump “Hitler,” “Nazi,” and “racist.” But if they really believed Trump is Hitler, any means were justified in getting him out of office, including election fraud. Am I saying that election fraud occurred? No. But I am saying that Democrats should not pretend outrage when accused of fraud. Their own words could be used to justify it.

So when Whoopi Goldberg declares that Hitler wasn’t a racist but Trump is, she is doing clumsily what students are taught to do: Call anyone who disagrees with leftist dogma terrible names. But if terrible actions result, we should not be shocked. What did we expect?

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