Fabricating Reality Can Be Dangerous

By | October 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Texas Senate Passes Bill Requiring Athletes To Compete On Team That Matches Birth Gender

• Psaki Defends Rising Prices: ‘Good Thing’ Because It Means ‘More People Are Buying Goods’

Superficially, these two news items illustrate two different political viewpoints. The Texas bill portrays a conservative view: Protect girls’ and women’s sports from biological males. The Psaki statement portrays a leftist view: Whatever happens as a result of our policies doesn’t really matter, because the policies are well-intended.

But on a deeper level, the two reports reflect two fundamentally different approaches to reality. The Texas bill says, in effect: Biological males, on the average, have heavier muscle and bone structures than biological females. We must recognize this basic reality and deal with it as fairly as we can.

On the other hand, the Psaki statement says, in effect: Any fool knows that rising prices mean that people, especially the poor and minorities, will have to curtail their standard of living, and in many cases curtail their diets. But as leftists, our noble motives entitle us to lie to the people, and fabricate our own reality to foist on the ignorant masses.

The differences between left and right do not involve merely different approaches to our problems. They do not involve merely different definitions of these problems. The differences run deeper. They evidence different views of reality itself. And if we can’t agree on reality itself, what chance do we have to agree on anything at all?

These different views of reality call to mind what Prof. Alan Dershowitz said about witness who are forced to testify: It’s alright if they sing, but not if they compose. Making up our own reality is helpful for children’s games, but for adults in a dangerous world it can be deadly.

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