Buyers’ Remorse

By | May 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

So an open border causes a humanitarian crisis? No matter, the Biden administration means well. What actually happens to immigrants or citizens is unimportant – the idea is what matters.

The Rolling Thunder veterans’ motorcycle parade is cancelled, while Antifa and BLM are allowed to demonstrate? Both pose some Covid risk, but Rolling Thunder is too patriotic. Imagine, American flags on motorcycles – in Washington, DC!

A leading leftist economist claims rapid inflation isn’t a big deal? The Germans thought it was – it ruined the middle class and paved the way for Hitler. But what do they know? Krugman attended Yale and MIT.

Our birth rate falls to lowest level in over 100 years? Why be surprised? We tell young Americans their past was rotten, their present is racist, and their future is doomed by climate change. We delete religion as a source of hope. Then we are shocked – shocked! – when they become depressed and hopeless. Why would they have children in such a gloomy world?

The Trump administration was pro-Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. Unrest was predicted, but none occurred – Trump was seen as strong. The Biden administration is pro-Palestinian, but Palestinians shoot rockets, riot on the Temple Mount. Biden is seen as weak. A strong enemy can preserve peace; a weak friend can’t do anything.

It’s too bad there is no lemon law for politicians. This car is breaking down after only 4 months.

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