Train Derailment: What We Don’t See

By | February 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

East Palestine, Ohio: 150-car train partially derails, including cars carrying toxic chemicals like vinyl chloride. Sparks seen, implicating overheated axle bearing. Huge environmental disaster. But what don’t we see?
• Environmental activists, who would scream themselves hoarse if Trump were in office, remain oddly silent when their guy is in the Oval Office.
• Health activists, who claimed masks would stop viruses, say nothing about masks here.
• Opponents of fossil fuels, who block pipelines, take no blame when trains, which are the alternate means of transport, prove more dangerous.
• Conspiracy theorists, who concocted the phony Steele dossier and Russia hoax, remain mute about possible sabotage.
• Self-anointed spokespersons for working people, who claim to support unions, say nothing about ridiculously long trains and absence of brakemen watching for smoke or sparks.

Like Sherlock Holmes’ dog that didn’t bark, what we don’t see or hear can be quite revealing.

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