Indifference Or Actual Sadism? The Pandemic Goes On

By | December 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Psychiatrist Mark McDonald concludes that some of our current problems are due to sadism. An exaggeration?
• Pres. Trump got Covid, people openly hoped he’d die. Author Dennis Prager got Covid, people openly hoped he’d die.
• Many refuse vaccination. Linguist Noam Chomsky wants to deny then access to food markets, while neocon David Frum wants them put at the end of the line in emergency rooms.
• Food and fuel prices rise sharply, and working class families have difficulty putting food on the table and heat in their homes. Administration spokespersons claim inflation is a good thing.
• Mask mandates and lockdowns are lifted only to be reimposed, while vaccine boosters multiply without an end in sight.
• Blue cities are wracked by crime, both property and violent. Leftist prosecutors release more offenders to offend again…and again.
• Media report new Covid outbreaks and new virus strains with barely concealed glee. The more fear, the more viewers and readers, and the more self-importance for talking heads.
• Friends and relatives are estranged over vaccination, while the unmasked are met with curses on the street, behaviors that would not be acceptable a few years ago.

Dr. McDonald may not be exaggerating. At some point, indifference and lack of concern merge into active sadism. If tyrants didn’t enjoy what they do, there would be much less tyranny in the world.

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