Hoist Battle Ensigns!

By | April 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

“Navy releases video of Iranian warship harassing US Coast Guard ship in Persian Gulf.”

Iranian and Chinese ships – warships and civilian – continue to harass US Navy ships. Sometimes this is clearly deliberate, but at other times Iran or China claim they couldn’t identify our ship.


Iranian ship cuts across bow of USCGC Monomoy, coming dangerously close.
Note hard-to-see US flag.

The Brits had a tradition of hoisting battle ensigns when combat was anticipated. This enabled their ships to identify friendly ships in the smoke and confusion of battle. The ensigns were large versions of the Royal Navy ensign flown on both sides of the mainmast, and sometimes elsewhere as well.

Suggestion: When US Navy ships are in areas where they are likely to encounter hostile ships, fly large “holiday” US flags on both sides of the mainmast. This will reduce the chance of accidental attack by third parties, as well as nullifying claims of “we couldn’t see your flag.” These flags should remain flying at night, despite the custom of lowering the US flag at sunset. Safety trumps custom.


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