Salvation By Correct Belief: Jesus vs Marx

By | November 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Salvation Army goes woke, tells Whites to repent for the racism practiced by other Whites in other times and other places.
• Young teen asks, very seriously, “You do believe in global warming, don’t you?”

Do you see the connection between these two events? The teen asks whether I believe in global warming, as if he went to Catholic school and asked, “You do believe in the Holy Trinity, don’t you?” In all my professional life, from General Science in the 7th grade to graduate training, no one ever asked me if I believed in anything, from Newton’s laws of motion to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Science is never a matter of belief. It is a matter of evidence and proof.

Questions of belief belong in religion, or in this case, pseudo-religion. The teen hadn’t been educated, he’d been indoctrinated, just as if Catholic school had taught him the Catechism. He hadn’t been exposed to facts he needed to understand. He’d been force-fed beliefs he had better accept…or else.

So when the Salvation Army leadership spouts leftist woke jargon, we should be depressed but not surprised. They used to teach salvation through having a strong enough belief in Jesus Christ. Now they teach salvation through being woke enough to suit the disciples of Karl Marx.

But it’s still salvation, you see. Not salvation from the pains of Hell, but salvation from the sins of capitalism and democracy. So unlike universities and sports teams, they don’t even have to change their name. It’s still salvation by – like the teen – having the correct beliefs.


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