This Is A Snap Quiz, Are You Ready?

By | April 1, 2023 | 0 Comments

Life is not like school. There are no scheduled exams.There are only snap quizzes:
• Public and many private schools taught our kids that their past was shameful with slavery and racism, and their future was doubtful with global warming.
• With a disgraceful past and a dubious future, young people have record levels of depression and suicide.
• Young children were sexualized with classes and Drag Queen Story Hour, and developed record levels of gender dysphoria.
• Anti-Christian bias seeped into schools and universities.
• Anti-Israel propaganda merged into anti-Semitism.
• Students didn’t learn how many millions Stalin, Mao, Kim, and Pol Pot killed, but they did learn that socialism is the wave of the future.
• Kids were taught that unless their parents agreed with the leftist agenda, their parents were racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic bigots and greedy capitalist oppressors.
• Social media were censored by progressive activists. Anything opposing the regime was removed.
• The justice system was politicized.Dissidents from the QAnon shaman to former President Trump were targeted.

Well, how did you do on these snap quizzes? Did you fight back? Did you speak up? Did you do anything at all? If not, you are getting a failing grade.

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