Hatred Of One’s Own Nation

By | April 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Biden’s UN ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield says white supremacy is weaved [woven?] into our founding documents.

So the Biden version of foreign policy is to have his ambassador announce to the world that not only are we racists, but “white supremacy” is an inseparable part of our founding documents. That is, not only are we despicable, but the documents our republic is founded upon are despicable as well.

When I heard this, it seemed eerily familiar. Then I remembered. Hitler didn’t merely declare the Jews inferior. He called the Bible, especially the Old Testament, “the Jews’ book of lies” and “mumbo-jumbo and priestly twaddle.” He did not think it adequately hateful to condemn the Jews themselves. He felt compelled to condemn and ridicule their Bible, the basis of their religion.

Still, Hitler was an extreme example of an ordinary hater – he hated the “other.” But leftist Americans have gone another step – they hate their own country and their own founding documents. No wonder they are working hard to bring about national suicide. Who would want to tolerate, much less support, a rotten place like that? No wonder they want to pull down statues of past leaders, delete knowledge of our past accomplishments, teach young people that our past was disgraceful, and disparage our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We are taught the dangers of nationalism and excessive pride. But what of the dangers of hatred and contempt for one’s nation? Self hatred is sicker than narcissism – and no less dangerous. Both can lead to violence. And even if you have such negative feelings, must you express them in public? Must you condemn your own family in front of strangers?

What will remain if leftists succeed in their destructive agenda? What will be left of the beautiful edifice of individual freedom and prosperity? What will their children and grandchildren – and ours – inherit? Debris?

If you want to destroy things, get a job with a demolition contractor, but keep your hands off our homeland.

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