Biden Forgets Name Of Secretary Of Defense

By | March 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Pres Biden forgets name of Secretary of Defense Gen Austin, refers to him as in charge of “that outfit over there.” The Pentagon? Dept of Defense? Rudy’s Hot Dogs? Putin, Xi, Kim. the ayatollah see his dementia & plan…what?

Forget about ballot-boxes moved without chain of custody. Forget about suitcase full of ballots. Forget about expert who claimed to hack voting machine. Forget about hundreds of sworn affidavits. We’ll never get a chance to prove that in court.

The worst form of election fraud is right in front of us – a senile man utterly incapable of carrying out his duties in a dangerous world. The sleaziest used-car salesman would be too ashamed to have sold us such a lemon.

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