Proposed Law Makes Consenting To Sex Almost Impossible

By | April 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Proposed NY law makes “deception” a reason to invalidate consent for sex. I thought we wanted to get government out of the bedroom. Now we want to get it back in?

Deception? So it the man says he’s divorced when he’s just separated, or says he graduated from Yale instead of State College, or owns his Bimmer instead of renting it – that’s rape? And what if she says she’s up for partner instead of being a secretary, or had breast augmentation, or graduated from Wellesley instead of dropping out of City College – that’s also rape? Who would propose such a law?


  1. There is nothing lawyers can’t take the fun out of, even sex.
  2. They may claim to be progressives, but they’re really puritans at heart.
  3.  Once the government gets involved, you’re sure to be in trouble.
  4.  If we keep going this way, heterosexual sex will be outlawed, which may be the intent.

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