No Side-Effects Of 2 Years Of Masks?

By | January 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

Woman trips over low obstruction, hurts knee. Clumsy? No, couldn’t see it because mask cuts off lower 1/3 of field of vision.
• Man smiles at toddler in stroller. Child stares blankly. Man worried child is autistic, then realizes he’s in mask. Child has seen no human faces except parents in his 2 years of life.
• Dog-loving woman goes to bank. Dog comes up, sniffs feet. Woman says hello, dog looks up, growls, bites hand. Mask covered face, dog confused: woman friendly or hostile?

Do you imagine that Dr. Fauci or his acolytes considered, even for a minute, any of the side effects of 2 years of masking? And even if they were informed, that they would care?
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