Crate-Training Our Children

By | December 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Adam Carolla: If you crate-train a puppy, all its life the dog will get into the crate when told, or when it feels insecure. That is what the government is doing to our kids. Kids must leave the classroom to take a sip of water, because they can’t lower their masks even for a moment. And they eat lunch outside, even in the cold or rain, because they can’t remove their masks indoors. Why?

Children rarely die or become seriously ill from Covid, and in addition are poor spreaders to adults. So why are they undergoing 2 years of isolation and masking? Is it being extra safe? Or is it crate training? All their lives they will be timid and have the habit of obedience, even if the rule seems senseless – perhaps especially if the rule seems senseless. What better way to teach obedience than to enforce senseless rules?

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