Nothing Special About A Woman

By | October 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Pennsylvania trans who competed as man 2 years ago sweeps women’s swim medals, takes their chances for scholarships, endorsements.
• Wyoming university sorority accepts Trans with facial hair, members who disagree told to shut up or be accused of homophobia (why?).

So there’s nothing wrong with a biological male walking nude in the woman’s locker room? There’s nothing wrong with women’s athletics being destroyed? There’s nothing wrong with a biological male in a sorority, which means sisterhood?

In short, there is nothing special about a woman – any body can be one. Meanwhile, “feminists” remain silent. They are leftists first, feminists second, if at all. And this was in Wyoming. Nowhere is safe from leftist ideology. Moving to the heartland or out west is no help. We have to stand and fight where we are.

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