Object To Nude Biological Male In Women’s Spa? How Hateful!

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Trans woman strips, reveals penis in women’s spa in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Woman customer objects. Demonstrators and counter-demonstrators clash outside spa. Antifa thugs beat woman who wants women’s spa to be for women. Lessons:

  1. Whatever position is counter to Biblical and American values is the position Antifa will take. Obviously naked biological males in a women’s locker room has nothing to do with fighting fascism, which is what Antifa is supposed to be doing. What they are really doing is demolishing Western civilization brick by brick.
  2. Beating up people and destroying property are not byproducts of Antifa’s mission. They ARE Antifa’s mission.
  3. Progressivism requires denying obvious truths. Person in spa has a penis? So what? How dare you say she is a man! How hateful!
  4. If a man exposes himself to a woman, or especially to a girl, he will be arrested if he is lucky, and beaten up if he is not. But if it is in a women’s locker room, gym, or spa, then women who object will be shunned if they are lucky, and arrested or beaten up if they are not. Logic and consistency are not highly valued here.
  5. LATimes sides with transgendered, claims that those who object have no right to be comfortable. But nude transgendered does have a right to be comfortable? So who decides who has the right to be comfortable? The editors of the LATimes? Did Queen Elizabeth pass away and leave the throne to them? I hadn’t heard.


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