Special Counsel Jack Smith Contradicts Himself

By | August 2, 2023 | 0 Comments

First, terminology: Jack Smith is not an independent counsel, responsible only to the Constitution for investigating a possible crime. He is a special counsel, responsible to Attorney General Garland, perhaps the most partisan attorney general in US history.

1) Smith claims in the most recent indictment that Trump knew his claims of election hacking were false, but made them despite this.
2) In another indictment, two Iranians are charged with hacking election files.

We humans are fallible. No one can be sure of being right. But you can be sure of being wrong: Contradict yourself. That way you are certain to be wrong at least 50% of the time. Special Counsel Jack Smith just contradicted himself. Of course, the captive media won’t notice. Hopefully Trump’s lawyers will notice. But we noticed.

Trump is being charged with saying something wrong. The First Amendment is on life support. But in addition, the government charges Trump with making an accusation he knew was false, while in another document the government itself says it was true. Logic itself is on a ventilator. It may not survive, leaving us at the mercy of arrogant, lawless bureaucrats.

Jack Smith’s claim of no hacked election systems ‘could backfire’

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