What Is Duty Of Spouse, Friends When Candidate Disabled?

By | October 27, 2022 | 0 Comments

President Biden sinks further into dementia. But was he cognitively sharp when he was nominated? John Fetterman’s recent stroke causes him difficulty forming coherent thoughts. But the Democratic Party doesn’t replace him.

Hillary Clinton had a life-threatening stroke in 2012, a transverse sinus thrombosis. But the news was minimized, as was her collapse on a public street just before the 2016 election. Indeed, details about her stroke are hard to find on the internet even now.

Question: What is the duty of spouses and friends when a partially disabled person wants to do something that may well be beyond realistic capabilities? Run for public office while cognitively impaired? Undertake heavy responsibilities while subject to fainting spells? Then what about taking up flying or mountain climbing while suffering from dizziness?

I believe we have a duty to those we love to restrain them from undertaking activities beyond their mental or physical capacity. This is especially true when the lives of others are involved. What’s your opinion?

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