Rev. Kamala Harris Climbs Into The Pulpit

By | September 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Booklet issued to promote assisted suicide … to kids!
• Kamala Harris tells Baptists to promote abortion

When Jefferson invented the phrase “separation of church and state,” it was not primarily intended to protect the state from religion, but to protect religion from the state. And now we are learning what he was afraid of.

Push the idea of assisted suicide on kids, many of whom are already depressed or on drugs? Lecture Baptists that their interpretation of the Bible is incorrect? Where in the Constitution does it allow government to seize the power to instruct citizens on moral questions? Where does it disempower parents and clergy from performing this vital duty?

Note to government: Handle your own duties, then we’ll talk about you undertaking other duties. Control profligate spending, control the border, control crime, strengthen the armed forces. Maybe then we’ll allow you to lecture us about suicide, abortion, and other moral questions. Or maybe we won’t. That’s our business, after all.

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