Healthcare-Pharmaceutical Complex?

By | September 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

1. US troops removed from Afghanistan, where they were sent to root out terrorists who caused 9/11.
2. More US troops sent to Syria, for reasons no one can articulate.

1. Head of FDA retires, joins board of directors of Pfizer.
2. FDA gives full approval only to Pfizer vaccine.

Do you see any relation between 1 and 2?

President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, which may cause endless wars from which the defense industry makes huge profits. Do you think, just possibly, it is time to warn about the healthcare-pharmaceutical complex, which makes huge profits from vaccines and intensive care, while use of low-cost medications is discouraged or even forbidden?

The greatest necessities of life are oxygen and water. But an excess of either can be dangerous. Capitalism is the only system that has been proved to raise people out of poverty while producing a cornucopia of goods and services. But like oxygen and water, an excess can be dangerous.

We have excellent weapons and medications, partly because of the profit motive. This motive is extremely useful for society. Nevertheless, we must take care, lest its influence become harmful. We need the best weapons, but only to fight necessary wars. We need the best medications, but only those indicated for our health.

In short, we need honest people with good judgment in charge. You raise a generation without religion, ignorant of our rich biblical heritage, and you expect it to govern wisely? Where, exactly, will that wisdom come from? Intermediate algebra? Critical Race Theory? Ain’t gonna happen. Never has yet.

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