Pentagon Software Chief: We’re Far Behind China

By | October 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Pentagon’s first software chief resigns, says we are far behind China and falling further behind. Blames lack of innovation, says our cyber security is at “kindergarten level.”

True, governments are bad at innovation, especially totalitarian governments. But China steals ideas from everywhere, and is able to force everyone to focus on national defense. So why aren’t we using our advantages of free enterprise and individual initiative? It is no accident that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began work in Job’s parents’ garage, not in a government lab.

Is it that elderly people control what is going on here? They don’t think computers, just as the horse-and-buggy generation had difficulty thinking automobiles. The vaunted German army began World War II with thousands of horse-drawn wagons and artillery. Is it that we are preoccupied with being woke, while the Chinese are preoccupied with being ahead? Is it that our ranks are infiltrated by people who don’t share our values and don’t really care if we prevail?

Whatever the reasons, we need to listen to this man and get our act together before we fall irretrievably behind. Second place doesn’t get a silver medal. Second place is called defeat.

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