Two Teenaged Girls Kill Uber Eats Driver – Who Cares?

By | April 6, 2021 | 0 Comments

Two girls aged 13 and 15 carjacked Uber Eats driver Mohammed Anwar in DC, resulting in his death. They might have faced felony murder charges, because this is in fact what they did: They caused a death in the course of a violent felony. They might have spent years in juvenile detention, then possibly be transferred to an adult prison. But instead they will spend no time in detention. Their probation will not extend beyond age 21. We do not yet know the conditions of their probation. House arrest? Community service? Avoidance of alcohol or drugs? Who knows?

We also do not know what allowed the two girls to carjack the Pakistani immigrant and grandfather who was still working at age 66 to support his family. But we have strong hints. First we have family breakdown. Single mothers are often heroic in raising their children. But fathers are key in providing discipline and rules. Can single mothers do this? Yes, they often do. But studies show that kids of absent fathers are more likely to engage in criminal behavior.

Then we have a complete lack of respect for all authority. No respect for parents. or more likely parent. No respect for teachers. No respect or fear of principals. No respect for law. No respect for private property. No respect for the elderly or disabled. No respect for clergy, if any. No respect for the Bible, if they ever read it. No respect or fear of God Himself. So when they see a police officer, why would be surprised if they do not respect or fear him or her? That blue or tan uniform represents everything the kid disrespects but does not fear.

To all this we add the feeling of victimization. If I feel victimized, I am angry at those who victimized me. And if no identifiable person victimized me in any identifiable way, I am angry at everyone. Even worse, I feel justified in taking out my anger on anyone – an Uber Eats driver from Pakistan, for example. I would bet serious money that the two teenaged girls who killed the driver were brought up in an atmosphere of victimization and grievance.

So why wouldn’t I disable the old man with a stun gun and steal his car, the only way he can make a living? He is an oppressor. I deserve to take what he has and hurt him. I am a victim. As progressives said about the 9/11 terrorists, I have legitimate grievances. But then, who doesn’t?

We need to think about how the system we support will punish the two girls so lightly. But even more, we need to think about how the system we support created the two girls in the first place. In the deepest sense, we created them.

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