Dem Tweets KKK Hood To Candace Owens

By | March 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Failed Dem candidate Liam O’Mara Tweets KKK hood to Black conservative Candace Owens. O’Mara claims it is parody of her conservative views. Of course, KKK members were always Democrats, so he is both rude and ignorant. But as a Black, Owens sees hood as a threat. What does O’Mara think KKK wanted to do with Blacks, take them to lunch? No, they wanted to kill them, as they did to hundreds if not thousands. So Owens reported this to sheriff as a threat, which it was. Twitter thought it quite all right, however. But account now blocked – Twitter didn’t want sheriff snooping around. Go, Walt Longmire!


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