TikTok Bans PragerU

By | April 7, 2021 | 2 Comments
“TikTok has permanently banned PragerU from its platform for “multiple violations” of its community guidelines. The tech giant removed PragerU’s account altogether—giving us no way to appeal the decision! We can’t even view the content that was supposedly in violation of TikTok’s policies.”

TiKTok is widely used by young people, who are among the most numerous viewers of PragerU. At some point, we will have to go along with Justice Thomas and treat Big Tech like public utilities. Like the gas company, they are allowed to have near-monopoly power. But in return, they must provide services to everyone – with few exceptions. The gas company can’t cut off your gas because they don’t like your politics. They can cut it off only if you refuse to fix a dangerous gas leak.


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