An Exercise In Humiliation?

By | October 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Stop pipeline, block fracking, destroy energy independence, then beg Saudi and Venezuela for oil.
• Leave Afghanistan precipitously, insulting all those who fought and died there.
• Encourage disrespecting our flag and national anthem.
• Prolong lockdowns and mask mandates beyond any logical explanation.
• Prolong vaccine mandate beyond any scientific justification.
• Have schools teach wokeness and equity, but not reading, math, science, or history.
• Force sex ed and drag queen story hour on small school kids.
• Enforce trans “therapy” against parents’ wishes.
• Raid dissidents homes with SWAT teams.

Think of military boot camp. Think of fraternity hazing. Think of schoolyard bullies. Think of totalitarian regimes. Is it possible that these are not separate programs, but all part of a single program: To humiliate and beat down citizens into passivity and obedience? If the government can do all this, what can’t it do? If the state can substitute its own decrees for parental authority, it is in reality the parent. Then actual parents merely house and clothe children who are controlled by others. And that’s the ultimate humiliation.

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