What Else Isn’t Happening That We Should Know About?

By | July 24, 2021 | 0 Comments
  • 2016: Media ignore fact that Hillary Clinton had major stroke (transverse sinus thrombosis) in 2012 and will probably be on blood thinners for life. They also ignore her collapsing and nearly falling on sidewalk during campaign.
  • 2020: Media ignore, as much as possible, signs of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. The decline since 2016 is painfully obvious to anyone willing to see it.

This isn’t a time of boring tranquility, when a half-aware chief executive might suffice. This isn’t a period of little change, when a president living in the past might be adequate. This is a time of terrorist attacks, pandemics, economic turmoil, and civic commotion. This is a time of change so rapid that even young people have trouble staying current.

Media that ignore major strokes and obvious cognitive decline cannot be called news media. At best they are entertainment media, keeping us amused but not informed. At worst they are propaganda outlets, keeping us distracted while our republic is dismantled brick by brick, freedom by freedom.

Hillary Clinton didn’t have a major stroke? Joe Biden isn’t becoming demented? Covid-19 didn’t come from the Wuhan biolab? Government informants weren’t present (and possibly active) in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot? So what else isn’t happening that we should know about?

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