Los Angeles is afflicted by impossible traffic, homelessness, and crime. All California is bedeviled by water shortages, a fragile electric grid, high taxes, stifling regulations, and high gasoline and diesel costs.

But the LATimes asserts: “California’s urban areas must become more densely populated if we’re to provide enough affordable housing for 40 million-plus people.”

What is their vision of the future? People – including millions of new immigrants – jammed into cramped apartments in anonymous buildings, going to work on public transit, and totally dependent on government for housing, jobs, and whatever?

The elite want to rebuild a Soviet Union here, where single-family homes – and individual freedom – are just memories.

Maybe that’s what THEY want, while they live in gated communities or luxury high-rises. But it’s not what WE want. Not at all. Maybe it’s time to let the elite know how strongly we feel.