Require Vaccination For Virtual Classes? Are You Serious?

By | September 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Rutgers bars unvaccinated students from attending virtual classes.

What, precisely, is the reason for requiring students to be vaccinated while they sit at home, peering at their computers? Do the faculty and administration at this prestigious university actually believe that it is possible to transmit a disease over the internet? Not even narrow, insular academics could hold such a preposterous, unscientific belief.

No, the purpose is control. Students are not precious human beings, created in God’s image. They are not autonomous individuals, responsible for their own lives – unless they are under 18, when their parents still have some degree of control. Instead, they are sheep-like creatures, incapable of making their own decisions, and dependent on wise professors to decide things for them. They need to be indoctrinated, not educated. They need to be herded, not led. They need to be controlled.

True, requiring vaccination for those sitting at home is irrational. But that’s not a negative, that’s a positive. If students follow a logical suggestion, that merely indicates they are logical. But if they obey an illogical command, that means they are obedient. Sheep don’t question where the shepherd wants them to go. They simply go, or the shepherd pokes them with his stick, or the sheepdog nips their hind leg.

What kind of young people do the professors who issued this order plan to produce? Surely not independent citizens of a free country. No, they plan to produce obedient subjects of an authoritarian regime. This is now painfully obvious: Do as we say, even if what we say is preposterous, or we will punish you. The only question remaining is whether parents will continue to pay huge fees to send their children to indoctrination factories.

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