So Who Made The Freedom Convoy?

By | January 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

A Freedom Convoy many miles (okay, kilometers) long is protesting mask and vaccine mandates, and demanding the restoration of human and legal rights. So who made this impressive demonstration?

• Physicians, who take an oath to do the best for their individual patients? No, they followed changing, arbitrary rules without complaint.
• Lawyers, who swear to advocate vigorously for their clients? No, they meekly did as they were told.
• Public officials, who take an oath to the Constitution and its Bill of Rights? No, to call their behavior sheeplike is to insult sheep.
• High-ranking military officers, who pose as warriors and are sworn to champion the welfare of their men and women? No, they wimped out.
• Intellectuals, who boast of their Ivy League diplomas but act as mindlessly as anyone.

No, not any of these. The Freedom Convoy was organized by truckers, most of whom finished high school, many of whom are veterans, and all of whom put food on their families’ tables by long hours of lonely work.

Perhaps there is a lesson here. Lady Liberty will be defended, if she is defended at all,  not by soft, manicured hands, but by hard, calloused hands with motor oil under the fingernails, and scars from scrapes and burns. You know, people who actually work for a living and bring us what we need to live.

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