Hatred For The Unvaccinated, And For “Wrong” Opinions

By | November 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

Ilana Mercer:
“Meantime, we have the ruling class, an example being New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, boasting about having created an additional two classes of people in her diabolical democracy, where might makes right: the unvaccinated underclass (villains all) and the vaccinated upper class (virtuous).

“In similar vein, an Austrian chancellor revealed his plans to place Austria’s unvaccinated under house arrest. Stateside, Noam Chomsky, a progressive ‘intellectual,’ wants to see the unvaccinated underclass reduced by the state to a “Hunger Games” type fight to survive: sequestered, waiting until dark to scrounge for scraps.”

These are not isolated cranks, ranting on street corners. They are two leaders of supposedly advanced nations, and one famous leftist. Two classes of people? House arrest? Scrounge for scraps? Where does the deep anger come from? Where does the profound contempt come from? Where does the humanity go?

When people are convinced that they are not just correct but morally superior, and they are convinced that their political opponents are not just mistaken but evil – what then? We see the results all around us. Dennis Prager, longtime conservative radio host and author, says (correctly) that studies show natural immunity from having had Covid is superior to vaccine immunity. As a result, multiple readers wish him dead and do so openly, without shame.

Sad experience teaches us where this road leads. It leads to the Gulag and Auschwitz. Let us apply the brakes, hang a U-turn, and head back to where we came from. Back there, we could argue without wishing our opponents dead. Let us do our best to get back there again, while we still can.

Papieren bitte.

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