LA Response To Rising Crime: Cut Gang And Narcotics Units

By | April 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

George Gascón, Soros-funded District Attorney of Los Angeles County, announces deep cuts in Hardcore Gang Unit and Narcotics Unit. LA County, the most populous in the nation with 10M residents, is experiencing increases in homicides, gang-related crime, and narcotics crime.

In view of these facts, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva comments: “This can only serve to add gasoline to a raging fire of gang violence that threatens the safety of all. This is not reform, it’s beginning to look more and more like a suicide pact.”

Consider these quotations from a former prison psychiatrist: 

When a population feels alienated from the legal system under which it lives, because that system fails to protect it from real dangers while lending succor and encouragement to every possible kind of wrongdoing, the population may well lose faith in the very idea of law. That is how civilization unravels.

I have never understood the liberal assumption that if there were justice in the world, there would be fewer rather than more people in prison.
− Theodore Dalrymple

Regrettably, these men are no longer available to handle the problem. It’s up to us.


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