Control Viruses Or Control Us?

By | October 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

• CA Governor Newsom will end Covid state of emergency in 2023 after 3 years.
• CDC mandates Covid vaccine for all public schools including kindergarten.
• CDC Director Walensky tests positive for Covid.

At what point will people ask: Why were strip clubs and pot shops open while churches were closed? Why were Walmart and Target open while family-owned stores were closed? If a state of emergency can last 3 years, can it last permanently? If the government can override parents’ control of children here, what limits to its power are there? If the Constitution doesn’t apply here, where does it still apply? If the CDC can’t protect its own director, how can it protect us?

At what point will people ask: Is the object to control viruses or to control us?

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