More Race Hatred, But From Psychoanalysts?

By | June 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Not to be outdone in leftist ranting, an article in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association declares that “whiteness” is a malignant, parasitic-like condition for which there is no permanent cure.

The similarity to Nazi rants against the Jews is impossible to ignore. Nazis compared Jews to rats and other parasites, and called their influence on Germany malignant. The only difference is that Nazis did propose a permanent cure – the Final Solution – and then proceeded to carry it out.

Freud was a Jew. As an old, sick man he had to flee Nazi Vienna and die in England. It is more than ironic – in fact, paradoxical and bizarre – that psychoanalysis, which Freud founded, should be used as a subterfuge to stir up race hatred. Freud would be revolted by this gross misuse of the tool he designed to help troubled people.

Jews made up about 0.75% of Germany in 1933. By 1945 the number was essentially zero. It is one thing to stir up hatred and contempt for a minority making up 0.75% of the population, few of whom were armed. But non-Hispanic Whites make up about 60% of the US, and they own many millions of guns. It is quite another thing to stir up hatred and contempt for an armed majority.

So far resistance has been manifested by angry mothers accusing school boards of teaching leftist propaganda to their children. But eventually – perhaps sooner than we expect – Dad and Uncle Fred will show up at the school board, demanding to know why their kids came home from school crying because they were shamed for their skin color. And Dad and Uncle Fred may not come alone. They may be accompanied by their friends Smith and Wesson.

Hate-filled claptrap may go over well in academic seminars and obscure journals. But in the real world, words have consequences. Let us put a stop to race hatred before it is too late. The time to pull the fire alarm is when we first smell smoke, not when the whole structure is in flames.

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