I’m The Guy Who Does His Job; You Must Be The Other Guy

By | December 9, 2021 | 0 Comments

This line from “The Departed” stuck with me. In one short sentence it describes so much of what is happening today

• Soros-funded district attorneys work to achieve equity, whatever that is, while freeing suspects without bail to prey on more victims, as well as refusing to prosecute shoplifting even when it rises to the level of looting and strong-arm robbery with injury. As a result, violent crime rates rise, stores are boarded up, and citizens hesitate to leave their homes.

• Woke professors and teachers indoctrinate students in leftism and racial animosity, but just can’t find the time to teach actual subjects like math or English. As a result, graduates can’t write a coherent paragraph or do simple math, and hence can’t find a decent-paying job to support a family.

• Woke generals strut around in World War II uniforms, as if to remind us that they haven’t actually won a war since 1945. They insist that the troops be vaccinated and woke. As a result, combat readiness plummets.

These jerks and so many others illustrate Murphy’s Law of Priorities: The more time you spend on nonessentials, the less time you have for essentials, until you have none at all. And then you really are the other guy.

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