Progressive Hypocrisy

By | April 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

Progressives value intentions highly, but they ignore results. So they often injure the very groups they claim to favor. But they meant well, didn’t they?

  • They claim to favor women, but they push biological males to compete in girls’ and women’s sports, taking medals and college scholarships from women who spent years working on their skills.
  • They claim to favor children, but they push tens of thousands of illegal immigrants across the border, leaving kids to sleep on the floor in aluminum-foil blankets, like baked potatoes.
  • They claim to favor science, but they push us to wear masks (preferably two) even when we are outside, even when we are alone, and even when we were vaccinated.
  • They claim to favor minorities, but they also claim Blacks and Hispanics are unable get IDs, so that voter ID means “voter suppression.”
  • They claim to favor Asians and to fight anti-Asian bigotry, but they establish quotas that keep bright, hard-working Asians out of universities.
  • They claim to favor the working class, but they defund and demoralize police while crime spikes in working-class neighborhoods.
  • They claim to favor the middle class, but they spend trillions, inevitably leading to inflation that will make middle-class savings accounts worth less, and eventually worthless.
  • They claim to favor freedom, but they push speech codes in schools, universities, and businesses that strangle expression of political and social ideas they dislike.
  • They claim to be progressive, but they use long-dead tyrants like Stalin and Mao as their role models. How is it progress to go back a century?

File under H for Hypocrisy. Cross-file under S for Self-Awareness, Lack Of.

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