“Younger And Inspirational”

By | June 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

Stockton Rush, head of the Titanic submersible business, declared he didn’t want “50-year-old White guys,” no matter how experienced submariners they were, but he preferred “younger, inspirational” personnel. In this he echoed airlines and other fields crucial to human life, including medical schools.

The best qualified? No, that’s old-fashioned thinking. We want the most “equitable” – that is, whoever fits today’s definition of a victim. Tomorrow the definition may be different. So when you see your doctor or airline pilot, keep that in mind.

Oddly, Mr. Rush, who is on board, chose a 77-year-old “White guy” retired navy captain to pilot the submersible. Apparently rules are flexible when the boss is on board. We can expect similar flexibility when the elite choose their doctors and aircraft pilots. But for us peasants, “equity” is the order of the day. And no matter who thinks he is in charge, fate rules, so a bit of humility is appropriate.

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