Are We Passing America’s Tipping Point?

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Hillary Clinton’s agenda includes: (1) importing at least 65,000 Syrian “refugees” who cannot be vetted, (2) open borders, (3) sanctuary cities, (4) rendering the Second Amendment meaningless, (5) government-controlled health care, (6) Supreme Court appointees who invent “progressive” law, (7) banning voter-ID laws, and (8) further limiting religious freedom.
In 2008 we had suspicions of what a leftist administration might do. But after almost eight years, we know. If we allow the Democrats to retain control of the presidency, we will be saying, “We like what you’re doing − do more.”
A strong nation can tolerate some citizens who do not share its fundamental values. But then a time comes where there are just too many of them for lovers of freedom to counterbalance. Then the balance tips. The nation spirals downward. And people say, “This is when things went wrong.” No. Things went wrong long before:

● Things went wrong when recipients of “entitlements” increased faster than productive citizens.

● Things went wrong when the number of lawyers exceeded the number of doctors.

● Things went wrong when we began punishing entrepreneurs and innovators with taxes and regulations.

● Things went wrong when we lost interest in wealth creation, and became obsessed with wealth redistribution.

● Things went wrong when bankers regarded themselves not as custodians of their depositors’ money, but as casino managers maximizing their “take.”

● Things went wrong when financial regulators saw themselves as responsible not to depositors and investors, but to the banks they were presumed to be overseeing.

● Things went wrong when corporate officers believed their job was not to assure the long-term health of the company for the sake of stockholders and employees, but to maximize short-term profits and exit in “golden parachutes” before the roof fell in.

● Things went wrong when Internal Revenue officials believed their job was not to collect taxes, but to intimidate political opponents of the administration.

● Things went wrong when we stopped electing people like us to carry out our wishes, and began electing self-anointed elitists who believe they are entitled to rule us ignorant “common” people.

● Things went wrong when clergy no longer believed their role was to help their congregants do good and save their souls, but to help them feel good and “save the planet.”

●Things went wrong when “legal scholars” proclaimed that the Constitution has no fixed meaning, and many politicians began acting as if this were true.

● Things went wrong when we became so afraid of intolerance that we tolerated anything − even the intolerable.

● Things went wrong when we became so afraid of super-patriots that we tried to produce no patriots at all.

● Things went wrong when a generation grew up watching movies that showed our leaders as evil schemers, our business people as greedy criminals, our military as bloodthirsty lunatics, and our veterans as unstable losers.

● Things went wrong when a university replaced its Minuteman mascot  as “too violent.” The Minutemen fought for freedom, which is now considered less important than political correctness – a euphemism for “Don’t say anything that might offend leftists.”

● Things went wrong when leftist teachers and professors saw young people not as students to be educated, but as subjects to be indoctrinated.

● Things went wrong when positive aspects of our history were downplayed in schools, and teachers belittled our country and its founders.

● Things went wrong when many schools of education and journalism were taken over by leftists. The teachers and journalists the schools turned out have spread leftist ideas for a generation.

● Things went wrong when we allowed a generation to view their country with shame and their flag with disrespect. But Johnny Cash saw things differently.

● Things went wrong when we taught young people to think not what was right, but what was legal – that is, what they could get away with.

● Things went wrong when we told kids to think of themselves not as Americans, but as members of racial, gender, or economic groups. We forgot “E Pluribus Unum” and replaced it with “multiculturalism.” Then we were shocked – shocked! – when social cohesion broke down.

● Things went wrong when “pro-child” people ignored nearly a million American babies aborted every year, and they voted for Barack Obama, who three times rejected medical care for babies who survived “failed” abortions.

● Things went wrong when many people see nothing wrong with cutting off care for the elderly and the disabled − even veterans. They view the elderly and the disabled as “useless eaters” who are a “drain on the Fatherland.”

● Things went wrong when we exaggerate the number of returning veterans who have mental disorders. The alleged purpose is to increase awareness of PTSD, but this is likely to subject veterans to suspicion and job discrimination.

● Things went wrong when we abandoned Judeo-Christian values. Contrast the response to two men born without arms: One played the guitar with his feet for Pope John Paul II. The pope stepped down from the platform and kissed him on the cheek. The other tried to cash a check. The bank refused because he could not give a thumbprint. Our response to the disabled reveals a great deal about us.

● Things went wrong when we taught a generation to have self-esteem not because they are unique individuals created in God’s image, not because they are proud bearers of America’s heritage of freedom, and not because of their own accomplishments − but merely for breathing. We forgot that unearned self-esteem is narcissism, so we raised a generation of narcissists.

● Things went wrong when people became so accustomed to living on credit cards that they see nothing wrong with the government running gigantic deficits.

● Things went wrong when astronomical amounts like “trillion” are no longer associated with our space program and are now associated with our debt.

● Things went wrong when people stopped thinking of themselves as independent adults, and instead see the government not as their representatives but as their nanny.

● Things went wrong when we forgot that government programs and handouts are addicting. Like drugs, they reduce recipients to passive users, increasingly dependent on the drug dealer − the government.

● Things went wrong when we forgot that the federal government has only the powers that the Constitution gives it, but not the power to control our health care − and even tell us what talk radio to listen to; what website to visit; and what light bulbs, toilets, and dishwasher detergent to use; and even what to feed our children for lunch. Choice? Oh didn’t you know? That means only abortion.

● Things went wrong when global capitalists became indistinguishable from global socialists in their lust to increase their power by reducing our freedoms.

● Things went wrong when President Obama incited anti-police emotions, and after decades of decline, the homicide rate began to rise again.

● Things went wrong when we stopped Americanizing our children, much less the children of immigrants.

● Things went wrong when the self-anointed “elite” no longer trusted ordinary citizens with guns. So why should ordinary citizens trust the “elite” with a monopoly of power?

● Things went wrong when 96% of “journalists” are Democrats – but won’t admit it. Freedom can’t last long with a one-party press.

● Things went wrong when President Obama gave up control of the Internet to advocates of censorship, and YouTube began restricting conservative commentary.

● Things went really wrong when Speaker Pelosi was asked whether nationalized health care is constitutional, and she replied, “Are you serious?” − while giggling. Our Constitution survived the Civil War, two World Wars, and 9/11, but it cannot survive the contempt of our highest officials.

● Things went dangerously wrong when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama allowed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others to be captured and killed in Benghazi – and didn’t even attempt a rescue. We stood by idly as “leave no man behind” was replaced by “cover your behind.” If Hillary is elected, there will be an exodus of the experienced officers and senior noncommissioned officers we urgently need in a dangerous world. Would you risk your life for a president who abandons those she sends into danger?

No one can be sure where the tipping point for America will be, but I fear that this is it. We may not get another chance. And if we don’t use this one, we won’t deserve another. Consider this carefully when you vote on November 8.
The optimist believes that we get the government we deserve. The pessimist fears that this is true.

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