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By | March 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

You’d be amazed at what you can learn from the mainstream media. Take the LATimes Sunday. Please.

• Letters regarding President Biden calling President Putin a “killer” are headed by, “Why is Putin so easily offended?” Really? If someone called me a “killer,” I’d never speak to him again. Putin reacted similarly, by calling home his ambassador to the US. If Trump had done that, media would scream that he was insane and leading us to nuclear war. But their guy did it? No problem. In fact, it’s Putin’s fault for being easily offended. It was thinking like this that caused the captain of the Titanic to steam full-speed-ahead in an iceberg field on a moonless night. Nuclear war? What, me worry?

• An editorial proposes that robbery, a felony, require that the criminal actually use a weapon to seriously injure the storeowner. Merely brandishing a knife or gun, or shoving the clerk out of the way, would be theft, a misdemeanor eligible for probation – no jail time. The editors have no understanding of behavior. They apparently never raised a child or trained a dog. They cannot grasp that when you excuse bad behavior, you get more of it, and often worse behavior. Brandishing a deadly weapon, and taking property by force or fear, is a serious crime because it is the prelude to murdering the storekeeper. But the elite who have luncheon (not lunch) in the executive dining room can’t see the obvious. They’re too self-important to care about storekeepers, often minorities, who work long hours in dangerous areas to feed their families.

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