“Trump Border Closure Endures”

By | March 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Headline: “Trump border closure endures.” The Left and Right don’t just disagree on methods. They don’t just disagree on goals. They disagree on reality. They live on different planets. On planet Earth, our southern border is wide open. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants arrive, often without valid ID or Covid tests. And even if they are tested and test positive, they are released into the interior of the US with no means to trace them. Without valid ID, whom do we trace?

But on Planet Left, the “Trump border closure endures.” How do we reach a compromise with people who live on another planet, in an alternate reality? What common ground can we stand on to begin a dialog rather than a noisy but useless argument?

The only question is, do leftists really believe what they say? Do they really believe the border remains closed? Or are they lying – to us and even to themselves – to achieve what they imagine to be “immigration equity”? That is, are they delusional or dishonest? From a moral point of view, this distinction is crucial. But from a practical point of view, who cares? People who deny reality are in no position to advise us on important matters, much less to make decisions themselves. Let them run Planet Left as they please.

But on Planet Earth, where I live, I want a secure border. I want to know who is coming in. I want to know their criminal record and Covid status. I want to know how much they paid the cartel to cross, and what the cartel expects from them. It’s my house, and I say who comes in the door. Otherwise it isn’t my house any more. Too many good people died to make it my house, and too much blood and sweat was expended to keep it, for me to allow it to be given away.

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