Boulder, Atlanta: Assign Motives To Suit Agenda

By | March 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Media report Boulder supermarket mass murderer showed “erratic behavior” and “anger.” Gosh, he showed anger! Media setting up insanity defense before his lawyer even mentions it. No, couldn’t be that he is jihadist. Couldn’t be that he was taught to hate “infidels” by extremists, and taught to hate “Islamophobes” by our leftist media. No, he just went nuts one day. That must be it. Or as Geraldo Rivera said about the Fort Hood mass murderer Major Hassan, maybe he had a “toothache” that made him snap. Anything except the obvious motive.

Atlanta massage parlor mass murderer, on the other hand, had checked himself into rehab for sex addition. Rehab friend confirmed his deep guilt for his addiction. But motive for murdering 8 massage women wasn’t that. No, it was hatred of Asians. Maybe it was. But how do media know this at such an early stage? And why were 2 of the 8 victims not Asian?

In both Boulder and Atlanta cases, the media ignore obvious motives, construct other motives to suit leftist agenda. This is to criminal investigation what Bernie Madoff was to finance: Misuse it for personal benefit while defrauding the people.

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