MLB Boycotts Georgia, Fine With China

By | April 3, 2021 | 0 Comments

Mighty Casey has struck out again. MLB gave in to President Biden and removed All-Star Game from Georgia because of alleged problems with its new election law. Yes, many of the problems were imaginary: “Give voters no water.” “JimĀ  Crow on steroids.”

But if Georgia is too undemocratic for MLB, what does suit their delicate sensibilities? Why, the People’s Republic of China, of course. Oppression, forced labor, and cultural genocide of Muslim Uighurs? Oppression and cultural genocide of Tibetans? Clamping down on Hong Kong? Threats to Taiwan? Covid-19? No problem.

When people self-righteously proclaim what they won’t tolerate, it is fair to ask what they do tolerate. And if they tolerate the intolerable, and in fact make money from it, we have a right to call them hypocrites.

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