We Can Learn A Lot From The Media, Much Of It Negative

By | April 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

1) Trump Calls For Boycotting Major League Baseball After They Cave To ‘Radical Left Democrats’
2) Montana Bans Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Immigrants
3) Facebook Quickly Scrubs Capitol Assailant’s Facebook Page Praising Farrakhan As Jesus

What can we learn from these three adjacent reports?

1) Boycotts work both ways. MLB obeys Biden and boycotts Georgia for reasonable election law? Biden and Left spread demonstrable fabrications about the law? No water for voters? Jim Crow on steroids? Then those who object can boycott MLB. Boycotts are serious measures to be undertaken only when necessary. Undertake them lightly? Pay the price.

2) Sanctuary cities are blatant attempts to circumvent immigration laws. In a free country, it you dislike a law, you campaign to have it repealed. You don’t ostentatiously ignore it. Then what’s to prevent others from ignoring laws they dislike – for example, gun control laws you favor? That’s the road to chaos.

3) Some leftist media described the Good Friday Capitol attacker who murdered one cop and injured another as a White admirer of Trump, when in fact he was a Black admirer of Farrakhan. Then they deleted his media posts that revealed his associations. But all this only served to emphasize the murderer’s background, as well as to emphasize the mainstream media’s dishonesty. Cover-ups invariably backfire.


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