Biden And Newsom Pursue Unpopular Courses

By | May 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

• In California, Governor Newsom is facing a recall election. Does he do something popular to gain support? No, he schedules release of 76,000 convicted felons. Reducing prison overcrowding is a worthy goal, but releasing violent criminals is wildly unpopular.

• In Washington, President Biden opens the border and creates a humanitarian crisis. He stops new drilling and fracking, causing gas and diesel prices to rise – and thereby raise the price of food and other necessities. And he announces steep tax increases that may stifle the economic recovery from the Covid-19 lockdown. All these are unpopular to varying degrees.

So what is happening? Do these politicians simply not care what the majority of ordinary voters want, but push ahead their progressive agenda to please their leftist base? Are they ideologues who believe they are right no matter what the ignorant peasants say? Or are they arrogant narcissists, who don’t bother to consider anything except their own will?

Probably it is a combination of these factors. But does it really matter? Did it matter to the passengers and crew of the Titanic exactly what was going through Captain Smith’s mind when he ordered full-speed-ahead in an ice field on a moonless night? No, it didn’t matter at all. Either someone had to muster up the courage to slow their speed and turn the wheel, or the ship was doomed. Do you think, just possibly, there is a lesson here?

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