Public Shaming Of Unvaccinated

By | May 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

• NY Governor Cuomo: Yankees, Mets must segregate vaccinated fans from unvaccinated fans. Why? If they sat together, vaccinated fans would separate some of the unvaccinated fans from one another, lessening risk of disease transmission. Forcing unvaccinated fans to sit together only increases the risk. Is the purpose to protect fans, or to shame the unvaccinated ones? Public shaming may be only the first step.

• Dan Gelernter suggests – facetiously, so far – forcing unvaccinated persons to wear a distinctive cloth patch on their clothing. Presumably it will not be a yellow star. Perhaps this will be the next step.

To those who object to any Holocaust analogies as insulting, I reply that health of the people was a priority for Hitler. And for health-obsessed Americans, appealing to their fear of disease and disability is a sure way to obtain their obedience. But what the underlying motive is remains to be seen. File under C for Control Freak. Cross-file under F for Freedom, None.

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