Biden Buyers’ Remorse? Never!

By | May 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Question: What would it take for Biden voters to admit that they had made a mistake? That is. how bad would things have to get, both in the US and overseas, for Biden voters to have buyers’ regret?

  • Hundreds of Hamas rockets fly from Gaza into Israel. Rioting breaks out on the Temple Mount, and elsewhere in Israel, between Jews and Muslims. Would thousands of rockets and worse rioting cause Biden voters to rethink the situation?
  • Iranian gunboats harass US Navy warships with dangerous maneuvers. So far only warning shots have been fired. Would actual naval warfare have to erupt for Biden voters to take a step backward?
  • Iran grows more bold and aggressive. The anti-Iran alliance of Israel and Arab states seems weakened, as the Biden administration seems less interested in fulfilling America’s responsibilities. Would Iran boasting it had developed nukes cause Biden voters to reconsider?
  • Food and fuel prices rise sharply in the first quarter of w 2021. Even more worrisome, the rate of increase is accelerating. Would an inflation rate of 5% cause concern? How about 10%? How much damage to the working and middle classes would have to occur before Biden enthusiasts recognize that they may have made a mistake?
  • Gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel prices continue to rise, with further rises likely. Even worse, environmentalists intend for further rises to occur. But everything we need arrives by truck, train, or airplane, including food. Would food prices have to double before Biden voters wondered whether they were truly humanitarians?
  • Officials proclaim that inflation is “under control – except for food, fuel, and housing.” How incompetent and counter-factual would the government have to become before Biden voters considered that, just possibly, they had blundered?

I believe the answer is NOTHING. I believe that for many of its adherents, leftism is not a thought-out position but a pseudo-religion. As such, it is seen as good in itself, regardless of whether it produces good or bad results. So for many people, voting for Biden was an act of righteousness, no matter that after only 4 months, America is in serious trouble.

And in 2022 and 2024, assuming we still have elections, these people will again vote for “progressive” candidates – and feel good about themselves. That’s the key point. Some people want to do good; others just want to feel good. Which people prevail will decide what kind of world we will all live in.

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