Sympathy For Criminals And Terrorists?

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People talk about the incredible technology of Israel – but credit to Hamas who have invented invisibility technology that prevents any of their rockets, or soldiers hiding among civilians, from being seen by the media.
This ironic (or is it sarcastic?) tweet raises an important but painful topic: Why is it that some people, many of whom call themselves progressive, seem unable to distinguish aggressors from defenders, or criminals from victims? Instead they view the world through a dense moral fog, where everything and everyone is an indistinguishable gray. Here is another example from the LATimes:

To [DA] Gascón, the accused can also be crime victims.

Overseas, progressives can’t distinguish Hamas shooting hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities and towns from the Israelis in those cities and towns. And here in the US, they can’t distinguish violent criminals from victims of crime.

To paraphrase Gilbert and Sullivan, if everyone is a victim, then no one is. The district attorney of our most populous county no longer has a duty to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty – we’re all guilty. The media no longer have a duty to report who is attacking whom – we’re all aggressors.

Perhaps it starts in the schoolyard, when a teacher says, “I don’t care who started it, you’re both going to the principal’s office.” That happened many of us. But some of us were able to grow beyond the morality of primary school. Some of us are able to feel sympathy for all humanity, but more sympathy for victims. Some of us are able to distinguish those who fire rockets from those the rockets are aimed at.

Some of us are able to avoid having their newspaper become a sounding board for criminals rather than for victims of crime. Some of us are able to avoid having the Gaza headquarters of their news organization become a cover for terrorists. And some are not.

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