Social Media Or Pravda – Hard To Tell The Difference

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Pravda was the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The word means truth. From an objective viewpoint, it told little truth. When North Korea invaded South Korea, Pravda proclaimed that the South invaded the North. When the Soviet economy was near collapse, Pravda declared it would soon surpass the US economy.

But from a subjective viewpoint, it always told the truth – because truth was defined as whatever was in Pravda. If communists worldwide believed what it said, well and good. But if they didn’t believe it, yet still parroted it out of fear, even better. They had sold their minds.

We’re not there yet, but we’re on our way. If you doubt this, try posting on social media anything that casts doubt on official dogma regarding masks or vaccination. Formerly you would receive a warning: Delete your post or you will be suspended. But now the post simply disappears, as if it had never existed.

There used to be something called The Great Soviet Encyclopedia. It contained everything the government wanted people to know. But it was available only in libraries, and it was loose-leaf.

For example, say Marshal Kakapopoff was in favor. There would be a whole page detailing his virtues. But suppose he fell out of favor. The editors would send out a revised page, with a short paragraph on him and a long article on Kazakhstan. And if the marshal were sent to Siberia or shot, another page would be sent out, omitting him entirely. He would be wiped from memory.

Is this not what social media are doing now, but much more efficiently with the internet? Whatever I have to say about masks or vaccination must follow current official doctrine. And if official doctrine changes – which it has – what I post must follow the changes.

The editors of Pravda would be envious. Stalin would approve. But are they the role models we will choose for ourselves and our children? If so, do nothing. But if not, speak up, while it is still permitted.

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